CEO’s Message

Dear Parents/Gymnasts,

At Gymnastics Education, every gymnast is a star. We recognise and respect that every individual has different needs, interests and abilities. Hence, we aim to  provide an enriching, nurturing environment for each gymnast, so they are able to shine brightly in their own way.  Our enriching, holistic programme makes Gymnastics Education an excellent starting point for all regardless of objective in joining programme. 

Other than developing a strong rapport with our gymnasts, we also place much importance on having a healthy relationship with the parents. Thus, we aim to return all emails by the next working day, and also regularly update our website on class slots and other happenings. Have a peace of mind when unexpected circumstances arise, as we provide makeup class options, offer switching of class schedule, and constantly update parents on the progress of their children.

All of our gymnasium’s handpicked coaches have been recruited due to their fine character and coaching attributes paired with their extensive experience in coaching gymnastics. Our coaches have different specialty area  ensuring that there will be a suitable program for all levels of classes ranging from leisure gymnastics to competitive teams starting from ages as low as 4 years.

Gymnastics Education makes use of a variety of gymnastics resources to craft out effective lesson plans carried out by our coaches to convey the skills, which will enable us to bring out the best in all of our gymnast.  Opportunities for physical, social, emotional and cognitive developments are purposefully weaved into the  programme to encourage holistic growth.
Warmest Regards
Dion Eng
CEO, Gymnastics Education

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