Gymnastics Dance Program

Gymnastics Class for Dancers
Gym Dancer Program

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1 Coach : 6 Dancers

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Gymnastics Education is offering Singapore’s first program specially catered for dancers to learn gymnastics skills that would enhance their dance routine.

This “Gymnastics Classes for Dancers” program will be 90mins/session/week and would cover the following skills;

Forward Roll Backward Roll to Hand Stand Aerials ( Cartwheel without hands )

Backward Roll Stationary Cartwheel Round Off

Forward Straddle Roll Running Cartwheel Front Hand Spring

Backward Straddle Roll One Arm Cartwheel Front Somersault

Handstand Connecting Cartwheels Front Walks/Back Walks

Dancers who wish to bridge over to our regular/advance program after this course may do so.

For more information regarding this program please contact us via phone or email us @ and include “Gymnastics Classes for Dancers”" in the email header.

Join us for a trial class and be the Star you are today!

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