Singapore Gymnastics class

GE SPARKLE (2.5-4 Yrs) 60mins Trial
GE Sparkle

Quick Details
1 Coach : 5 Gymnasts
Independant Class, Non - Mommy guided.

More Details

The BIG Four reasons on what makes our Club the place to start your journey.

Point 1:
Gymnastics Education is proud to have the best Coach to Gymnast ratio in Singapore

Point 2:
Gymnastics Education is the only club in Singapore to give a comprehensive Gymnastics Progress Analysis report card at the end of each term

Point 3:
All classes are taught by highly competitive gymnasts turned coaches with years of experiences in coaching.

Point 4:
Best value for money in terms of coach to student ratio.

*Do give us a call to arrange for a trial class slot before proceeding for payment.

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